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G&G Hunting Services

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G&G Hunting Services offers the experienced archer and not a wide and successful hunting proposal, on the territories managed with professionalism and respect for the game.

The practice of this hunting typology recalls the charm of an ancestral and ancient hunting, linked to the origins of man, in totally respect of the hunting ethic.


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g&g hunting service

Waiting, patience and short distances to reach the animal with precision, this is the essence of the hunting exercise with the bow, immersing yourself completely in nature and maintaining contact with it.

In this type of hunting more than in others, nothing can really be left to chance, the responsibility is considerable and awareness of one's fundamental limits, this is the ethics required of the bowhunter.


G&G Hunting Service


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Giorgio Paraporti (+39) 335-6280756

Graziella Paraporti (+39) 339-5833561



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